Address: 710 E. Main St.Siloam Springs AR 72761

Phone: 918-720-7928

Email:  bonniesorganics@gmail.com

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Bonnie's Botanicals


My name is Linda. I'm the proud mother of

two sweet boys, Jack and Charlie. I am the

owner of Bonnie's Botanicals. My endeavor 

came from a wonderful woman who gave me

an inspiration.

I met Bonnie in the Spring of 2015.  She was

suffering from a terminal illness, and my sister

was her nurse at the hospital. She was

distraught, because she feared, even more

than her own forth-coming death, that her

legacy would die with her.  She had a small

business selling organic body-care products.

 It took her seven years to perfect these

recipes, and she had no one to hand them

down to. My sister introduced her to me, and

we had an instant connection. After an hour  exchanging our stories, Bonnie gave me her

business for $1. In honor of her, I kept her name. I have continued to grow the business. I love crafting with some amazing organic herbs, seeds, and oil. 


A little bit about myself. I saw how our market has some injustice. I'm also a customer. I'm tired of getting a "half a bag of potato chips", when I paid for a full bag.

We are offered products that we have no idea if it will cause us or the earth harm or good, even though the labels tell us differently. And there is little accountability. I saw how the supply chain had it's fill of corruption. The supplier does all the hard work and the customer is kept in the dark. At the end of the day, the company gets the profit.

So, I started asking questions  and pushing a concept, where the marketplace is all about relationship between the customer, company, and supplier. A triune. All equal. All working together for a common good. Good for each other. 

I hope you enjoy our products, as much as we

like making them. For you and from them.