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Refresh your lips with some zest and color! With our 100% certified organic fruits, oils, & herbs, our lip balm jar heals as it shines! Your lips will love the feel of our organic calendula, chamomile, avocado oil, and lemon essential oil! And the color... organic alkanet root, and berries from the amazon, acai berry & maqui berry to organically color those beautiful lips! 

Lemon Acai-Berry Tinted Lip Balm

  • Ingredients: *sunflower, *bees wax, *calendula, *chamomile, *alkanet root, *acia berry, maqui berry, *lemon essential oil, *avocado oil, *shea butter *certified organicConsistency: Smooth. Shiney. Covers mid-thick. Adds nice tint to lips.


    Container" .35 ounce (2 regular size chapsticks) in a 100% cardboard push up tube. Yay eco-friendly not toxic containing! 


    Product Process: We steep two flower herbs in sunflower oil at a specific temperature for 24 hrs. We then cold press the roots and cranberry in avocado oil. Once the infusion and the press are ready, we then combine all the other oils, butter, essential oil, and beeswax.


    Expiration: 12 months

  • If you are not 100% satisfied with this product. We will be happy to refund you for the cost of this product within the 30 days of your purchase.