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Gift an organic lip pouch with some cheer! Perfectly fits in the stocking!


Pouch: grey burlap

Inside pouch:

1 cinnamon & spice organic lip balm with cardboard applicator

1 evergreen & merry lip balm with cardboard applicator

Christmas Lip Pouch

  • Bag: 4x4 grey burlap


    Evergreen & Merry:

    Ingredients: *sun flower, beeswax, *peppermint, * pine e.o., *lemon balm, *lavender, *rosemary,  *avocado oil, *lavender essential oil, * cocoa butter.

    *certified organic

    Container: .25 oz (2 regular chapstick size) in 100% cardboard push up tube.

    Consistency: Smooth. Shiney. Covers mid-thick. 

    Process: We infuse organic herbs and oil together for a specific time and temperature. Once the oil is infused, we add selected essential oils. We then mix bees wax into the batch. 

    Expiration: 12 months


    Cinnamon & Spice

    Ingredients: *sunflower, *bees wax, *ginger, *calendula, *chamomile, *cinnamon essential oil, cocoa butter *avocado oil. 

    *certified organic

    Consistency: Smooth. Shiney. Covers mid-thick. 

    Container: .35 oz (2 regular chapstick size)

    Product Process: We steep two flower herbs in sunflower oil at a specific temperature for 24 hrs. We then cold press the ginger in the infusion. Lastly, we add cinnamon essential oil & cocoa butter.

    Expiration: 12 months